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Welcome to the DocScript Project Page

DocScript might be a somewhat unusual project. It is a toolbox to create documents. It favours a set of small tools instead of the single out‑of‑the‑box and ready‑to‑use all‑round solution. As such it tries to follow the good old tradition of the UNIX programming environments.

It's seems a bit like the hard way of doing things. It demands more of the user then of the software to be used. It requires more learning then just clicking through menus.

But usually your efforts will pay of. By mastering the basics you'll get tools at hand to take you where you want to go in a much more powerful, almost magical way. What you gather will last much longer then the rapidly passing versions of any software product and will be helpful in many other things you might want to do with your computer.

DocScript has been made a project. There you'll find all the bits and pieces, including a detailed documentation (in PDF).


© Andreas Harnack, 17th of July 2013.